Decking Oil
Decking Oil
Decking Oil
Decking Oil

Decking Oil

Product Code:DECK5
Application:Brush or spray
Coverage:5 sq m per 2 coats
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Natural Decking Oil

  • Complete Decking Oil - treats & protects
  • Finish: Flat matt translucent
  • Drying times: Walk on once absorbed into the wood. Full dry - 24-48 hours
  • Suitable for soft or hard woods, or pressure treated timbers
  • Rated 5*'s
  • Protects against wood rotting fungi and wood boring insects
  • Protects against weathering
  • Rejuvenates faded decking boards and cladding

Developed to penetrate deep into wood surfaces, our natural decking oil provides long-lasting protection against moisture damage. Offering superior UV resistance, this product can also enhance the natural beauty of the wood itself.

To protect your decking against moss and algae, nothing is more effective. Very easy to apply by brush, this natural decking oil treatment is very durable. It will help to nourish and protect decking boards by offering excellent water resistance. This will help prevent swelling, drying and splitting.

Timber Deck Oil

There are many benefits to using our premium natural decking oil. Due to the outstanding quality we supply, it resists fading, flaking and peeling while repelling water. This can help your decking to avoid any splitting or cracking.

In a household, decking can be very popular with a lot of traffic. This being the case, it is important to maintain your decking with the highest quality products. Thatís where we come in, providing timber deck oil that offers a superior finish.

This natural decking oil is also extremely versatile. It is suitable for use on softwood and hardwood decking, or pressure treated timbers. This ensures it can even be used to finish summerhouses, sheds and fences.