K-X10 Clear Wood Stain

K-X10 Clear Wood Stain

K-X10 Clear Wood Stain
Product Code:29C1
Coverage:4-6 sq m / litre
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Don't want to colour your wood but enhance the natural wooden grain and knots? Look no further, this clear wood stain will do just that whilst also protecting your wood from the elements. This solution provides all the weather proofing and protective qualities of the K-X10 Wood Stain range without the pigment.

Kingfisher's K-X10 Wood Stains are trusted by thousands of joinery manufacturers, providing a durable and elegant satin finish, enhancing the appearance of both rough sawn timber and fine joinery. Suitable for both interior and exterior use on hard or softwoods - apply to doors, window frames, garden furniture, fences and decking for high-build, long lasting protection. K-X10 Hard Wood Stains are micro-porous (breathable). Formulated at our Lakeland factory using advanced polymers and resins to resist both ultra-violet rays and water ingress. K-X10 Wood Stains provide long term protection against rot, fungal attack and fading. K-X10 Wood Stain is also available as a clear topcoat if a semi-sheen finish is preferred.

K-X10 5 Year Wood Stains is available in a variety of coloured finishes including: Mahogany, Light Oak, Black, Clear, Pine, Rosewood, Teak and Walnut, offering a wide range of coloured wood dyes.

Note: Remember computer screens and printers do not interpret colour consistently so we recommend that you order a tester before making your final colour choice.