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What are Cookies?

Our website uses a number of cookies. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is put on your computer. We use several types of cookies some are required to use the site others you will soon have have the option to opt out of if you prefer.

There is a new law in the EU that requires us to ensure you are fully informed regarding the types of cookies we use on this site and how and why we use them. This law also states that you should have the option to disable any that aren't before they are created.

All our own cookies are required by the site to function but there are a small number of third party services we use that could create cookies. At present you can not opt out of the third party cookies before they are created but we have included information on how to opt out of the service that creates them to stop any further cookies being created. We are working towards giving you have the option to prevent these third party non-essential cookies from being stored if you do not wish them to be.

Strictly Necessary cookies

We create cookies in order to keep track of the shopping basket and account status of each user. These cookies do not store any personal data directly, they store unique numbers that are then used with our site database to identify your shopping basket and account. With out these cookies you will not be able to buy anything from our web site. If you use this web site we'll assume that you are happy to receive these cookies.

These are first party persistent cookies which a life span of a few hours, the expiry time will update while you remain on the site then expire a few hours after you leave. This should enable you to build up a basket on our site and perhaps take a little time to check out our competitors if you would like. Each basket cookie will be deleted after it expires or once a purchase is complete. You account status cookie will also expire and be deleted after the same period or be deleted when you click the log out option on our site.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track user movement on our site in order to improve our site based on past usage. Google will create persistent third party cookies in order to track the movements of our site visitors they last for a period of 2 years so we can see patterns in when users come and go to the site even if it is infrequently. This data does not identify you as an individual but if you do not want us to track you in this way please use this opt out tool. Google Analytics Opt Out.

For more information on Google Privacy policy regarding these cookies please check out their privacy information: Google Analytics Privacy.